Penyffordd and Penymynydd War Memorial Institute requires extensive improvement and modernisation to ensure that it can continue to serve the needs of our growing community.  Investigation has been carried out recently to put together a proposal in respect of work required and the plans are set out in two proposed phases, as detailed below:

Phase 1

Initially the main focus needs to be on replacing the roof on the main hall of the building.  This will involve insulating the roof (which will hugely reduce energy bills), re-roofing and fitting with a number of roof-lights/windows to increase light in the hall and removing the redundant chimney.  The stage will be removed (and replaced with portable staging) and the currently unsafe under stage area will be sealed up.  A large extension to the current storage area will be made and access to the storage area from the hall will be provided in order to keep the current meeting room separate from disturbance should two different groups be utilising the hall at the same time.  In addition to this there would be electrical improvements and some internal decoration carried out.

Phase 2

The second phase of development relies heavily on the Institute being able to secure a large portion of the land from the Ysgol Penyffordd site when it closes in 2019.  The proposal would be to build an additional hall on the side of the current building, re-purposing the current kitchen area as an waiting area for both halls, and building a new kitchen area on the back of the building (area where car park currently is).  Alongside this we would look to install solar panels on the roof to become more self-sufficient, replace windows where necessary, improve current and create additional WC facilities within the Institute and refresh the main entrance with glass doors to bring in more light.

Drawings of the proposed plans are available as follows, costings are also available on request:

Proposed Plans


The future of our village events (the carnival and the bonfire) is heavily reliant on use of the Ysgol Penyffordd site.  It is imperative that when the site closes in 2019 that there is land allocated to the Institute, and therefore the community in order to continue to run these events, and as detailed above, push to make much needed improvements to the Institute in order to allow the Institute to cater for the growing community.

The key drivers for requiring allocation of a large portion of the Ysgol Penyffordd site for use by the Institute and therefore Penyffordd community would be as follows:


  • Penyffordd & Penymynydd Carnival – (Held annually in June) – currently utilises all of the outside school area for the following:

    • Opening ceremony - crowning of carnival King and Queens, (a tradition dating back nearly 100 years) is currently held on the school playground

    • Performances by local school and community choirs, dance troupes and bands are currently held on the playground

    • Local charity and business stalls are situated on the playing field which raises money for the Institute through a small table donation, and also raises money for other village interests (e.g. NWCR, Schools, Local Dog Rescues, Local clubs and societies, local church)

    • Fund-raising initiatives for the Institute (e.g. football tournament, coconut shy, profit share bouncy castles/games) are held on the playing fields

    • The Carnival is a great community event for the village, a huge part of our history that we want to protect and we would no longer be able to hold this event without use of these areas as there is not sufficient space on the current (small) grass area owned by the Institute to do all of the above

    • The Carnival is the largest source of income for the Institute during the year


  • Penyffordd & Penymynydd Bonfire Night – (held annually in November) – requires sufficient space to ensure safety of residents/buildings/surrounding areas for the large fire that is constructed and for the firework display.  This is another important community event that can be enjoyed by all, and helps to raise a small amount of income for the Institute. 

    • Bonfire night is another very important event on our community calendar and if there were to be buildings/new houses built on the area of the school site, we would not be able to hold this event.


  • Proposed improvements to the Institute building and site

    • Plans have been drawn up to demonstrate the improvements that could be made to the Institute as a result of using various grant money that is waiting to be allocated.  Phase 1 involves much needed remedial work to the current building (insulation and replacement of current roof) and some small extensions to improve storage at the side of the building

    • Phase 2 proposes further extensions to build an additional hall area, move and create a larger kitchen area and improve facilities and layout of the building

    • Phase 2 would allow increased use of the Institute by local clubs, societies and organisations – at the moment the Institute is booked to capacity most days

    • Phase 2 cannot go ahead without use of these areas as the proposed extensions to the Institute would be using land that is currently used for car parking/certain aspects of the Carnival/Bonfire Night


In addition to this, there are a number of other items for consideration should this area be allocated for use by the Institute whereby benefit could be obtained by the local community:


  • Ability to increase parking facilities at the Institute and provide much needed additional parking facilities in the village

    • The grassed area on the Institute site could be converted into a parking area (which would take into consideration the annual requirements of the Carnival/Bonfire and be cordoned off for use during these events)

    • This would provide much required parking for the Institute and for the village


  • Ability to offer additional outside space for use by local clubs, societies and associations

    • There are a number of fitness initiatives in the village for varying age groups that could use these outsides areas – circuit training, metafit, aerobics, run club training

    • Large field area could be used for children’s football, hockey, cricket and/or various sports practice/training

    • Local groups such as Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Toddler/Baby could also use outside areas

    • Local play-schemes/clubs/educational schemes that run through school holidays could use outside areas

    • Other groups (e.g. dog training) could use outside areas

    • Local fundraising initiatives could use the outside areas for events (e.g. charity fun days, car boot sales)

    • This could all generate additional income for the Institute and also provide more events/facilities for the community to use