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In recent years, Penyffordd and Penymynydd War Memorial Institute has undergone extensive renovations to extend and improve the facilities in order to continue to serve the needs of our growing community.   This has been a huge challenge, in terms of funding and managing the build, not least with the recent challenges of the pandemic.  One of the main objectives of this renovation was to extend the hall to allow multiple groups the ability to use the hall, whilst also having separate access to kitchen and toilet facilities.

Work commenced in February 2020 to carry out the first (and largest phase of improvements) to this historic building.   The pandemic created huge delays and also problems with continuing to fund the build, but alongside tremendous support from the community, and the following was completed:

  • The existing roof was fixed and secured​

  • A new entrance was created on Chester Road - to reduce traffic and disturbance to residents on Penymynydd Road.  This larger access point also makes it easier for vehicular access during events

  • The existing kitchen was knocked down and replaced with a much bigger kitchen, suitable for catering large events, including provision of a serving hatch into the main hall

  • The main hall is much larger and can accommodate more users now that the old, unsafe stage has been removed (a pop up stage is now available to use for events)

  • The original storage area which was only accessible from the committee room has now been converted into a second kitchen, with a toilet and can be accessed from the main hall.

  • A new "Atrium" has been built - this provides an additional space for users which was much needed.  This has been designed to let in lots of light and create a modern area space, that is sympathetic to the existing building

  • New toilet facilities have been provided that can be accessed from the new kitchen and Atrium.

  • New electrics, heating, lighting and alarm systems have also been installed

  • Internal and exterior paint was refreshed

The build was completed by Bryn Build, who did a tremendous job, alongside a number of local contractors.  We were also so thankful for the many members of the village who volunteered to help paint and get the hall ready for use!

The building was reopened for a soft launch in May 2021, and officially reopened on Saturday 25th September, by Carol Ingman, husband to our late President, Reith Ingman, who sadly passed away before the build was completed.  Alongside dearly missed Edwina Davies, they were both champions for the Institute and for this renovation programme and we hope they would be pleased with what has been achieved.

We are also so hugely grateful to everyone that has supported the War Memorial Institute in getting this far, our next project is to convert the existing garages onsite into a Music Studio, more information is available here.

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